Our Story:  

We began Green Barrel in the fall of 2010 because we wanted to change the status quo of costly, clumsy bottles. After almost a year of product development, where our many prototypes required us to learn about everything from sanding to welding, we had a barrel that rang true to our vision, a barrel with both form and function. After courting the ABC representative, and jumping through other tedious, business-related hoops, we received our license in April of 2011. It was not difficult to find like-minded wineries dedicated to sustainable wine making practices.  Our barrel is memorable, the perfect combination of old and new, timeless yet original. Paired with any of the more than 15 sustainable boutique wines offered, Green Barrel is here to help you create a unique wine experience.  We believe in sustainable wine practices that reduce waste, lower costs, and improve quality.  

fill more than your glass”


Limor and Tiff


Limor Allen and Tiffany Angus have been working in the wine industry since 2005, when they lived in Santa Barbara. Formally called the “Sunday girls” they drank wine and managed the tasting room floor at Cellar 205, an urban collective/winery co-op. In addition to the tasting room operations, they were intimately involved in all aspects of wine making: the harvest, the crush, from marketing to events, and so on. During their time working at Cellar 205 it became apparent that making the wine was only half the battle.  In this process, they also realized that the effort, and waste involved in bottling, corking, foiling, and labeling is as much of a production as making the wine. And in the end the bottles end up in the recycling bin, the trash can, or smashed on the floor. They knew that there had to be a more sensible way to package wine and offer it more affordably by the glass.  By packaging wine in our 9-litre EcoPacks we avoid the work, maintenance, and waste of bottles, and the barrels are beautiful centerpieces.

How do you get Green Barrel wine to your celebration?  Email us at info (at) greenbarrelwine (dot) com for a complete list of current wines, pricing tiers, and barrel rental fees.  We will help you select the best wines for your event.