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Be the first to have Green Barrel wine on tap in your home! After many request for a home product we are launching our Barrel Club through Kickstarter.  Have a beautiful counter-top barrel in your home and receive monthly shipments of hand-selected wines from a variety of local boutique wineries. Check out our Kickstarter project to receive one of our first home Green Barrels. 

Kickstarter is a community oriented website that helps small businesses, startups and innovators bring ideas and products to the market. The public can invest in an idea or product and help create it.

We launched our Kickstarter project July 24, 2012 and it will continues until August 17,2012.  If our investment goal is met, our Kickstarter campaign will fund the manufacturing of 40+ home Green Barrels to start our Barrel Club – a monthly wine subscription service that delivers local wine from a variety of boutique wineries for use in your own personal Green Barrel. You can support our Barrel Club by pledging to receive hand printed GB shirts, an invitation to our launch party, or your own personal Green Barrel. We are also offering custom barrels with your logo, family name, or artwork. Check out our great rewards for supporting our project.

Enjoy new local wines and without the trip to wine country.  Have low impact boutique wine on tap in your home!

Join our Barrel Club to receive 3 Liter (4 bottle equivalent) monthly or bimonthly wine shipments of local, sustainable wines from the Northern California area.  Experience new amazing wine every month! We select quality, small batch wines from boutique wineries before it has been bottled. Instead of bottling we package wine in our 3 Liter (4 bottle equivalent) or 9 Liter (12 bottle equivalent) EcoPacks that work with our counter top Green Barrel dispensing system.  Not only is our packaging lower impact than bottles, but it costs less and we pass the savings on. Our wine is 1/3 the price of the bottled price.

Perfect for all occasions- dinner parties, barbeques or just for watching sunset from the porch. Prevent spoiled wine by serving wine by the glass. No more ‘open another bottle’ dilemma or morning ‘half bottle blues’.

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Thursday February 23rd, 2012~

CSEE had a more than successful fundraiser and silent auction at the Hub SoMa last week.  Jose Stevens, Ph.D, and John Perkins, author of NY Times Best Seller Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, gave an impressionable lecture on shamanic-based indigenous tribes.  The highlight was Jose Steven’s recollection of his 8 days with the Q’ero tribe in the Andes at 14,000 feet.  Considered the most culturally authentic indigenous tribe in the world, the Q’ero people live by the following mantras:

      Live free of the opinion of others,
      Live free of judgment,
      Live through the heart,
      Dismantle fears of death, and
      Be a walking blessing every day

Imagine if these were the priorities of every community! John Perkins filled the room with laughter recounting his experience with a shaman in Ecuador when he was in the Peace Corps.  After being cured of a serious stomach infection he went from being a non-believing westerner to a man with a shaman debt.  The latter is certainly preferable!  The lecture was closed with a guided meditation lead by both lecturers- an unexpected bonus~

Throughout the lecture the audience enjoyed tasty tamales by Alicia and refreshments by Runa Tea and Green Barrel Wine.  Our newly acquired 2009 Marsanne by Olson and Ogden Wines impressed everyone who tried it. And of course, our Organic 2006 Shiraz by Mt. Tehama Winery was celebrated by the red wine drinkers.

Thank you Hub SoMA and CSEE for throwing a wonderfully interesting and mind expanding event; Green Barrel would love to partner with you again! 

“fill more than your glass”

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Green Barrel attended two wedding fairs on Sunday, February 12th, 2012, the Winter Wedding Soiree at Kohl Mansion in Burlingame and the Kenyon Estate Open House in Benicia.  Both fairs were a complete success, introducing local wedding vendors and brides and grooms-to-be (and of course brides maids and mothers in tow).

Kohl Mansion was blessed with a beautiful sunny day for the Winter Soiree. In fact, it was easy to forget it was winter at all when wandering around their expansive lawn and gorgeous gardens.   Green Barrel’s organic 2006 Shiraz from Mount Tehama winery was well received, especially with samplers of the delicious paella provided by La Bocca Fina.  After guests strolled through the mansion, they were collected into the main hall where vendors gave a quick presentation about each service.  What a show!  Between Anna Maria Mendieta’s soft and sweet harp and Gabriel’s Trumpets the show was quite the concert, worthy of capturing on film, hope Thomas from Thomas Hughes Films caught it!  Our favorite presentation was certainly Cynthia Glinka, founder of Dance with Glinka. She was able to get the whole crowd on their feet in her 60 seconds presentation.

Brides were entered into a raffle with a collection of great prizes including a heart shaped cake from Have Your Cake, a fresh flower bouquet from Plan Décor, and an all expensed paid trip to Fiji!






Later in the afternoon, North Bay brides and grooms collected at the Kenyon Estate Open House in Benicia for an elegant display of food, flowers, photography, cake and more.  The estate was gorgeously decorated, leaving brides and grooms-to-be with a vision of wedding perfection. Guests enjoyed Green Barrel’s 2006 Merlot from JT Wines, which was perfectly paired with the tri-tip sliders provided by Englund’s Café and Catering– delicious!  Another favorite was the Chinese chicken noodle salad from Elaine Bell Catering.

Sunset at the estate was stunning.  Thankfully the talented Josh Rodriguez was capturing the moment (and took the photos added to this blog post!).

And if you haven’t had enough wedding fair reviews, we will post some more photos and highlights from Green Barrel at the Fox Theatre last Sunday, February 26th, 2012.