What wine is currently offered via Green Barrel dispensers?  Green Barrel sources high-end local wine and we are constantly updating our available wine list.  We partner with no fewer than three wineries at any given time.  Please see our winery page for a list of local, boutique wines or contact us for more information and available wines.  We can work with you to find the right wine for your occasion.

How long will my wine stay fresh once tapped?   Once opened the EcoPack will keep the wine fresh for at least four weeks. This is one of the biggest advantages of the EcoPack. Unlike a corked bottle, the Green Barrel EcoPack prevents oxidation.  Oxidation occurs when a wine is exposed to air, and the oxygen from the air degrades the wine. 

Besides freshness, what are other advantages of using an EcoPack over glass bottles?  Beyond keeping your wine fresher, and free from oxidation, the EcoPack is easy to use, and requires less storage space than traditional cases of wine. The Green Barrel EcoPack holds the same amount of quality wine as a 12-bottle case, yet weighs half the weight of a dozen bottles, thereby reducing the carbon footprint significantly. The EcoPack saves 12 glass bottles from your trash and recycling bins.

Why is the EcoPack and barrel dispensing system better for the environment?  The EcoPack offers 85% less landfill waste than traditional glass packages and a 55% smaller carbon footprint. When it comes to reducing the carbon footprint of wine, the manner in which wine is shipped and packaged makes all the difference. Bottles contribute substantial weight to the shipping of wine, which dramatically increases the carbon footprint.  Moreover, our packaging requires far less energy to produce and to ship than glass bottles.

How do I order and receive a barrel for my party, event, bar or restaurant?  Easy, Green Barrel can provide wine on tap for any event or location. Send us an email inquiry, info(at)greenbarrelwine(dot)com, to set up a demo of our product and to discuss the wines currently featured.  We will work with you to determine which wine meets your needs.  We provide our barrel dispensers (5 gallon or 10 gallon options) and wine for your event or venue.  Pick-up and drop-off on Treasure Island (delivery available, fee may apply).

How many glasses are provided per 9L EcoPack?  50  glasses on average.  Equivalent to 12 bottles worth or a case.

Do you provide glassware?  Yes, Green Barrel will rent you glassware, as needed.  We also rent carafes in order to provide table service.  Please discuss options with your Green Barrel representative.

How can I keep my white wine cold?  Currently, we offer white wine for events. We chill white wines prior to events and they maintain temperature for the duration of the event.